Interview: Ron Kirwin

Artist and City fan, Ron paints some iconic goals

Ron is Manchester born and still lives in the area today. He famously had Sergio Aguero visit his home back in 2017 and painted part of the 93:20 goal picture.

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Some of Ron’s work includes “That Goal”, capturing Paul Dickov’s Wembley 99 goal, “And then it was 5” , Andy Hinchcliffe’s diving header in front of the Kippax and my personal favourite the “Agueroooo comic strip” (you don’t need me to tell you what that shows!). 

Aguero's 93:20 Goal Comic Strip Print
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More recently Ron has completed “Centurions” with the 100 point Gabriel Jesus goal at Southampton in the record breaking 2017-2018 season. Then came the “Don’t Shoot No Vinny No” goal from the legend Vincent Kompany’s last goal for City and what a goal is was against Leicester!n

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Ron joined us some quick fire questions

What was your first City game?

The one I can remember was Manchester City v Bury 2nd Division 08 Apr 1966 1-0

What is one of your favourite games?

Manchester City v Manchester United, 6th November 1971. 3-3. 13yrs old, 63,000 in the crowd, crushed in the Kippax with my dad. Bell, Lee, & Summerbee all scored that day! Best, Charlton & Law also turned out for the Reds. The game had everything

Who is you City idol?

Colin Bell

What is your favourite City book?

Paul Lake & Mike Summerbee autobiography’s. But the best is ‘Joe Mercer Football with a smile’ by Gary James

What is your most prized Manchester City related gift?

Anything I get from my wife & kids I guess, mugs, kit, books etc. Probably treasured the most is the book ‘Joe Mercer, Football with a smile’. I was lucky enough to be at the launch in 1993 and signed by all the 1960/70’s players who attended including Big Malcolm, Joe’s wife Nora and Mike Doyle.

Why are you a City fan?

I believe my grandad ‘Jim Kelly’ took me…3yrs old kicking & screaming into Maine Road back in the 61-62 season! Hooked since then.

Which was your favourite game and which is your favourite piece of art?

Although the Premiership winning day 13 May 2012 took us right to the edge and all our feelings that day will probably never be matched, but I have to say my trip to Wembley back in 1999, where we had been at an all time low that season, to get through as we did and to create my version of that day will stay long in the memory.

When, why and how did you start creating art about Manchester City?

I’ve always drawn & painted City players since I was a boy. I went to Art college when I left school and eventually got a degree in Graphic Design & Illustration back in 1980. I just had the idea back in 2009 and on the 10 & 20th anniversaries to commemorate two of the best goals of recent years.

What City things have you done because of your artwork that you wouldn’t have done otherwise?

I’ve been invited a number of events associated with sports charities where my signed prints have raised funds which has been rewarding. One in particular was the ’99 playoff dinner for the Variety Club’s children’s charity. All players attended that evening at the Etihad and a signed print by the whole team and Joe Royle raised £600 for the charity.

Ron’s most recent print is “Gio” which celebrates the 25 year anniversary of Georgi Kinkladze goal against Southampton at Maine Road.

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