Where to watch Manchester City in the USA

Where to watch Manchester City in the USA

Live in the US or visiting and want to watch City?

We spoke to City fans across the US and have created a full list of destinations of where to watch Manchester City in the USA, simply click on the name of where you want to watch and it’ll take you to your destination!

Safe travelling and enjoy #CmonCity

Boston, Charlotte (North Carolina), Chicago, Columbus (Ohio), Dallas, Delaware, Detroit, Hollywood, Houston, Lansing (Michigan), Minneapolis, Milwaukee, New Jersey, New York, Orlando, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Tallahassee, Washington DC

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Where to Watch Man City in Boston

Boston watch parties are held at The Banshee, 934 Dorchester Avenue, Boston. The pub is a 10-minute drive from downtown Boston. For public transportation users, The Banshee is a 15-minute walk from the JFK/UMass station on the Red Line.

Matchdays draw a crowd of regulars, anywhere from a handful to over a dozen. Bigger matches, such as cup semi-finals and finals (and as you know, City do play in quite a few of them) as well as derbies, attract significantly larger crowds.

Anyone looking for additional information can email mcfc.boston@gmail.com or message us through Twitter at @MCFCBoston.

Where to Watch Man City in Charlotte, North Carolina

Fans in North Carolina can join fellow City fans at Jackalope Jacks, the venue for City watch parties in Charlotte, North Carolina.

They have 8-10 of regulars which can grow to 20+ depending on time/match.

For more information the best place to reach the group is on Twitter @QueenCityzens. The supporters club based in Charlotte also has a Facebook group or you can Email: queencityzens@gmail.com

Where to Watch Man City in Chicago

Watch parties in Chicago are hosted at A.J. Hudson’s Public House, 3801 N. Ashland Avenue, Chicago, IL.

It varies depending on the time of the match and the weather (sometimes the winter blizzards and arctic vortexes keep people at home!).  Usually between 15 – 25, but we’ve had over 80 pre-covid.

Vic from the supporters club (yes that Vic of Meat & Potato fame on Noisy Pod) said “Everyone is welcome and we are a family friendly group and venue.  Sometimes the pub has to do a 21+ rule for very big matches, which will be posted on social media, but on all other days we welcome ankle biters along to teach them the ways of being a Blue.  AJs is also a bar for supporters of all clubs, even ManYoo!”

The group can be contacted via their Twitter account @ChicagoMCFC or via email to ChicagoMCFC@gmail.com.

Where to Watch Man City in Columbus Ohio

We spoke to Josh from the Columbus Supporters Club. They meet at Endeavor Brewing Company on 5th Ave in Grandview, Columbus.

There’s usually 5-30 Blues attending (also other PL team fans present in most cases). The group hold raffles, raise money for local community needs etc and hold a get together yearly just for members with great giveaways.

Contact them on their Twitter page @CCityzens or President @MikeMar09 and @Josh4City9320 is the social media guy

Where to Watch Man City in Dallas

Here’s Mulv from the Noisy Neighbors City Podcast to tell us where to watch Man City in Dallas.

Blue Moon Dallas, the official supporters club meet at II Brothers Grill & Bar in Plano, Texas

They usually have 40ish blues attending for a standard Premier League match, with up to 180ish for derbies and cup finals

Watch parties hosted by Blue Moon Dallas are for all ages and all fans. It’s a City pub, but we keep it friendly with rival fans.

If people want to join get in touch via their Twitter page @bluemoondallas1 or on Instagram @bluemoondallas_official

Where to Watch Man City in Delaware

They meet most match days at Rocco’s Italian Sports Bar & Grille, Wilmington or at the Irish Pub Catherine Rooney’s in Wilmington.

Rocco Italian Grill & Sports Bar - IN Wilmington

If you need more information you can contact them on Twitter @BluesFirst or murphypr76@gmail.com

Where to Watch Man City in Detroit

We caught up with Alan J. from the Detroit supporters club

Our group meets at Royal Oak Brewery in Royal Oak, Michigan, just north of Detroit.

We usually get between 5 to 10 people, more for big games (derbies, finals, etc). We have more than 30 paid up members but not everyone can make weekend matches. Several of us have been to Manchester to see games in person.

DM on Twitter @mcfc_detroit is the best way to contact us.

Where to Watch Man City in Hollywood

City are the star attraction in Tinseltown! We got in touch with Berny from the supporters branch.

Thank you for getting in touch, we’re big fans of your products.  We get a lot of visitors in from England and it does seem that some of our members that don’t attend very often will ALWAYS bring family by when visiting I think mostly to marvel at the spectacle of a bunch of people gathered at a bar early in the morning all crazy about City.

This group started on that fateful day in the spring of 2012, we couldn’t find any details about the gathering of the first Supporters group in Redondo Beach so 4 of us decided to meet at a pub in the San Fernando Valley just on the other side of Hollywood.  We blame 93:20 for starting all of this, genuinely believe if we had blown out QPR we would have not had such a dramatic day and we would have just carried on with our lives. Something about being just a few in a bar of 150 mostly angry Arsenal fans and watching it nearly slip away only to win like that and to turn around and see through the tears that every person in the bar was now watching and cheering along with you, it just sealed it for us. Los Angeles is MASSIVE and we knew this town could easily support a second supporters club.

Where we watch:

The Thirsty Merchant

12430 Riverside Dr

Studio City, CA 91607

The bar is off of the 101 Freeway just a few minutes drive away from Universal Studios, Hollywood, 20 minutes from Santa Monica and Beverly Hills.

Venue is open for most matches, we aren’t asking the bar to open at 4:30 anymore as it’s just too early, if it’s a big match like a derby though they’ll do it.


General attendance is about 40, early matches slightly lower. For big matches crowd is easily double that. For the Champions League final we had over 200! It is an all ages venue and we’ve had brand new blues at just a few weeks old to our oldest member at over 80 show up on the same day. We also have a few dogs that are regular attendees, it’s a very cool crowd.

Good to know: 

Parking is easy, the venue has a parking lot and street parking on Riverside isn’t tough to come by. With the early start time to our matches the drive time to get to the bar is usually shorter than what your typical LA traffic would be as well.

Thirsty Merchant has a large permanent outdoor patio as well as seating indoors. The food is fantastic, plenty of beers on tap including local brews and a drink special everyday where you’ll get the second drink or make yours a double for just $2 more.

Anyone new to the group or visiting should feel free to say hello! We do our best to go up and introduce ourselves to new people but sometimes people can hide out away from us in a corner. We’re a friendly group and opposition is welcome. The rivalries between clubs isn’t as bad in the states as overseas and we’ve always let the opposition in to watch along with us, sometimes we’ll even buy them a pint!

We’re on Instagram and Twitter @hollywoodmcfc. We do have a Facebook page under that name as well but we keep the Instagram and Twitter accounts up to date more often as we found that had a bigger outreach than FB did for our new members.

Anyone with questions can reach us directly at hollywoodmcfc@gmail.com or send us a message on any of the social media platforms. The club is run by Berny Gilbey and Greg McConville, we both have some pretty busy day jobs so sometimes it takes us a couple of days to get back to people but we try to respond to everyone

Where to Watch Man City in Houston

The Houston supporters branch hold watch parties at the Phoenix on Westheimer in Houston, Texas every weekend, and official members receive a 15% discount on food throughout the 21/22 season.

The Phoenix on Westheimer is a kid friendly bar that serves delicious food, drink, and is a place where everyone is welcome! Matches can be watched inside, or at the outside seating area of the pub.

We caught up with Michele from the branch

“A fairly new supporters club as we only became an Official Supporters Club in 2019. We have roughly 70 official members signed up so far, in just the first month of opening the membership window for the 21/22  season. 

Depending on the time of the match, we see anywhere from 10-50 supporters for most matches. Champions league & other major matches can get extremely busy so we will always advise fans to get there early! Watch Parties are posted every Monday across all our social media accounts.

Houston is known as Space City because it is home to NASA’s Johnson Space Center & NASA’s Mission Control. Hence our name, Houston Space Cityzens. We also have our Astronaut, and fellow Sky Blue, Doug Hurley as an Official Member of our Branch, whom we are extremely proud of.”

If you’d like to become a member of our Houston Branch, or have any questions, please email: mcfcspacecityzens@gmail.com

You can reach us @houstoncityzens on Instagram and Twitter, both public accounts. And our private Facebook account @houstonspacecityzens where we tend to do the majority of interaction with our members/ FB group.

Where to Watch Man City in Lansing

To watch Man City in Lansing, Michigan head over to Ozone’s Brewhouse. 305 Beaver Street. Lansing, Michigan.

Between 5 and 10 fans watch City in Lansing’s only Soccer/Football bar, a great place for all fans.

Reach out on Facebook or Twitter at @LansingCityzens. Feel free to email as well general_riot@yahoo.com

Where to Watch Man City in Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Cityzens have been regular customers of The Ginger Wig’s City Gifts so was great to include them in this roundup. We caught up with Nathan from the branch.

“We host our parties at Highbury Pub in Milwaukee.

It’s in Bayview which is on the Southside of town. Best footy pub by a long shot.

We usually get around 10 people for regular matches and 20+ for big matches or nice time spots. Our events are really fun and Joe (Owner of Highbury) does so much for our group and for the community at large.”

People can contact Nathan directly at MKECityzens@gmail.com or message on Twitter @MKECityzens

Where to Watch Man City in Minneapolis

The Twin Cityzens (more later) meet at the Brit’s Pub, 1110 Nicollet Mall, Downtown Minneapolis.

Around 20 – 50 supporters meet up for watch parties with lots of amazing Twin Cityzens swag available on match days. Stick around for the post-match group photo.. you may even get on TV!

Why is Minneapolis the Twin Cities?

Image result for minneapolis twin cities

The area is commonly known as the Twin Cities after its two largest cities, Minneapolis, the most populous city in the state, and its neighbor to the east, Saint Paul, the state capital. 

Find the Twin Cityzens on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @twincityzens

Where to Watch Man City in New Jersey

The Garden State Blues in New Jersey watch Man City games at the Shillelagh Club- West Orange NJ2.

There’s 10-15 blues usually watching the games. On big match days the Supporters club usually do giveaways.

Contact Mancitynj@gmail.com for more people to get in touch with or on Twitter/Instagram

Where to Watch Man City in New York

One of the more famous branches for UK based City fans, the New York branch no longer meet at Mad Hatters bar and instead to watch Man City matches in New York, head to Amity Hall Downtown, at 80 West 3rd Street in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village

Normally around 15-30 regulars show up for most matches, but for bigger matches, like the derby, Champions League knockout round games, or cup finals, you’d usually expect well over 100 people.

Obviously, with COVID, those numbers dropped significantly last season, but numbers are expected to rise again with many people being vaccinated. The New York Man City supporters club raise money for local footballing initiatives through our 50/50 halftime raffle, and as 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all donations are tax deductible!

Follow The New York Sky Blues on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @newyorkskyblues

Email at newyorkskyblues@gmail.com for any questions about memberships, watch parties, and more!

Where to Watch Man City in Orlando, Florida

When in the sunshine state you can watch City at Murphy’s Pub Orlando, 6582 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

About 10-35 on any given matchday. Weekdays are a little lower.

Though we are a Manchester City Supporters club, we welcome all football fans to our watch parties. We have regulars that support other teams and we love them despite their lack of taste!

You can contact the group on Facebook:

Instagram: orlando_cityzens

Twitter: @CityzensOrlando

We are available through all of our social media platforms, our website: https://orlandocityzens.com, and by email: orlandocityzens@yahoo.com.

Where to Watch Man City in Phoenix

The Official Manchester City supporters club in Pheonix, Arizona meet at The Kettle Black 1 N 1st St # 108, Phoenix, AZ 85004 (please note If before 6am won’t be at the pub)

You’ll join between 10-40 depends on the time and the match up. Big games it’s totally full.

Try and join the FB group to keep up with events. details (including all social media links) can be found on the group’s Linktree

Where to Watch Man City in San Diego

The San Diego supporters club meet up in the aptly named Bluefoot Bar in San Diego

Usually about 10-15 for most matches for the big ones over 25.

Find them on Twitter at @SanDiegoMCFC or feel free to contact our membership coordinator Kristi Hummel-Rosen @kristihr

Where to Watch Man City in San Francisco

The SF Man City Blues normally meet at Maggie McGarry’s in San Francisco.

An 8 hour difference behind Manchester dictates the size of the group watching, there’s not a lot of fans watching at 4:30am! (12:30pm kick off UK)

However most matches have 10-20 fans attending.

The group can be contacted on Twitter and on their Facebook group

Please note that due to the liquor laws in San Francisco, only those 21+ are allowed to attend the watch parties

Where to watch Man City in Tallahassee

A young and growing group in the Tallahassee Florida Area, host watch parties at Bumpa’s (2738 Capital Cir NE, Tallahassee, FL 32308)

They usually watch game that are broadcast after 11:30am local time with usually 5 people or more showing up!

Cityzens can sign up here: https://mancity.com/supporters-clubs/tallahassee-cityzens-631…

Details of watch party is always tweeted out or posted on their Facebook group page.

We also send text message and Whatsapp group message out to members!

Where to watch Man City in Washington DC

Watch parties in Washington are hosted by the Capital City Blues, we caught up with Scott the Vice Chair of the branch

“We host watch parties for every City match at the Lucky Bar, 1221 Connecticut Ave. NW in Washington, DC.  Interestingly, the Lucky Bar is also home to the DC based official supporters clubs for Manchester United and Arsenal.  Needless to say, derby days are pretty crazy!

We usually get 25-30 people for a weekend match.  We usually have around 200 dues paying members.  Most are spread throughout the metro DC area, so only a few members are regular attendees at the Lucky Bar.

Because DC is a popular tourist destination, City fans from around the world often come and watch with us.  We had two visitors from Macedonia last weekend!  We love hosting our fellow Blues!!”

You can contact the group via their Facebook page and their Twitter handle is @CapCityBlues. You can reach us via email at mcfcwashingtondc@gmail.com.

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