Manchester City historic kits

50 Shades of Blue

Take a nostalgic look through this collection of 50 Manchester City shirts

The good, the bad and the downright ugly, from Manchester City home, away and goalkeeping shirts.

Forget 50 Shades of Grey here’s a collection of 50 shades of City!

Retro Manchester City Shirts

Here are 50 Retro Manchester City shirts starting with our first kits of the 1880’s through to 2015

St Marks Gorton with the white ‘Maltese’ cross from the 1880’s
1940-1950 Long Sleeve Royal Blue Jersey
Retro 1956 FA Cup Final MCFC shirt
1956 FA Cup winning Trautmann final shirt
1969 classic red and black stripes from FA Cup win
1972 long sleeve sky blue shirt worn by the likes of Colin Bell
1972 red and black round neck away shirt
1972 sky blue round neck short sleeve shirt
1976 League cup winning shirt
1976 sky blue home shirt with white collar
1976 white away shirt with red and blue stripe
1982 sky blue SAAB sponsored home shirt
1982 away shirt with red and black stripes
1984 light blue home shirt
1984-1986 red and black striped away shirt
1985-1987 sky blue home shirt sponsored by Philips
1986-1987 away shirt with red and black squares
1988-1990 away shirt with maroon stripes
1991-1993 Umbro Brother home shirt
1990-1992 maroon Umbro Brother away shirt
1992-1994 purple Umbro away shirt
1993-1995 white with blue stripes Umbro 3rd shirt
1994 Centenary sky blue Umbro Brother home shirt
1994-1996 red and blue striped away shirt
1996 sky blue Umbro Brother home shirt
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1996-1997 maroon striped away shirt
1997-1999 laser blue Kappa home shirt
1997-1999 lime green Kappa goalkeeper shirt
1999 Wembley play-off final shirt
1999-2001 sky blue EIDOS home shirt
2000-2002 silver metallic away shirt with lime stripe
2001-2003 Le Coq Sportif home shirt
2003-2004 red and black stripe away shirt
2003-2004 First Advice home shirt
2004-2006 Thomas Cook home shirt
2006-2007 Thomas Cook home shirt
2007-2008 purple with white stripes away shirt
2007-2008 long sleeved Thomas Cook home shirt
2008-2009 long sleeved Thomas Cook home shirt
2008-2009 long sleeved orange third shirt
2011-2012 red and black striped away shirt
2011-2012 green Umbro goalkeeper shirt worn by Hart
2014 Champions sky blue long sleeved home shirt
2012-2013 home blue shirt
2014-2015 long sleeved goalkeeper shirt
2014-2015 sky blue home shirt
2014-2015 long sleeved goal keeper shirt
2014-2015 away multi-tone Nike shirt
2014-2015 purple flash third Nike shirt

Which City kit if your favourite? One of mine which I still wear to matches is the 1997 laser blue Kappa shirt. The days when a shirt lasted more than one season! Comment below with your favourite City shirt.

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